Hello! My name's Ragini. I've lived in Asia, Europe and North America and selfishly call them all my home.


I've eaten across all of these continents (and a couple more) and have been fascinated and enthralled by the flavours, love and the history of food across the world. I'm constantly trying recipes - whether it's perfecting something quite basic (hello, paratha), challenging myself to prepare something I usually buy (hello, soupy dumpling, you), or just following a creative hunch.

Family recipes to roadside delicacies and restaurant fare have all fed my curiosity and led to developing my three collections Bordered, Savour and Palette. Each collection and recipe is carefully created and curated for the menu and collection.

Each collection has been carefully created or curated to tell a story or push the boundaries of imagination. Cook a full menu for your friends and family, or pick a stand out recipe and try that! Happy exploring.

Come, let's cook together​.

- ragini, the third culture cook

'Where are you from?'

'No, but where are you really from?'

'So, where is home?'

'third culture'


the privilege to belong anywhere; the freedom to belong nowhere