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to Desi,

from Desh

This is the story of migrants both to and from the Asian sub-continent, the food they ate and the worlds they created.


Carrying their history, recipes and family secrets with them to far-off lands, they transformed the way the world cooked and ate.

Join me to explore one community every month, and together we'll travel and eat our way from the Caribbean, through Africa, South East Asia and Europe, tracing the movement of food to and from the subcontinent.



Hi, and thanks for stopping by.


Be sure to explore my recipes, photos, podcast, cookbook and upcoming events.


I'd love for you to join me on

'To Desi From Desh',

for a culinary and historical journey through the Indian diaspora.


See you!





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Partition73 photogrid.png
Partition73 photogrid.png

In August 1947, an undivided India was partitioned in to India and Pakistan. This historic, hurried and monumental event changed the lives of millions and the course of global history.


Join me to explore the impact that this catalytic event had on all aspects of life and culture in the subcontinent. 


Homes were lost and gained, lives were disrupted, and new nations were formed.

Seventeen days, seventeen brilliant speakers, from chefs, to authors, directors, historians and survivors, all with a unique point of view, all with a story. The speakers are from India, Pakistan and the UK, and represent various facets and outcomes of this seminal event.

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