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to Desi,

from Desh

We are all connected.

Through our histories, we share elements of our languages, music, culture and, of course, our food. 


The Indian diaspora is the largest in the world, at 18 million around the globe. Carrying their history, recipes and family secrets with them to far-off lands, they transformed the way that the world cooked and ate.


"To Desi, from Desh" is the story of migrants to and from the Asian sub-continent. It explores the food they ate and the worlds they created.


Join me to explore one community every month, and together we'll travel and eat our way around the world. We'll go from the Caribbean, through Africa, South East Asia and Europe, tracing the movement of food to and from the subcontinent. We'll use food, music and conversation to bring history to life.

Slowly but surely, we will discover that are all connected through our culinary history.


How does it work?

What it is


To Desi, from Desh is a journey to explore the history of world cuisine through the lens of South Asian history.


"To Desi" is a collection of peoples who came to the sub-continent and made it their home.


"From Desh" is all the people who left the subcontinent to settle in far corners of the world.

Every month, we will look in depth at one population, exploring their journey, their history, their culture and most importantly, their food. 

Food, history, music and more, every month


If you are a "Explorer" subscriber, every month you will receive:

  • A set of five recipes from the focus geography;

  • A curated regional playlist to cook along to! 

If you are a "Gourmand" subscriber, you will receive 

everything in the Explorer tier PLUS:

  •  An exclusive Patreon only podcast, giving you the history of movement of people and food to/ from the focus region; 

  • A LIVE monthly Q&A session, to chat about the food, history and music;

  • For April and May 2021 only: Exclusive discount codes to some of my favourite brands: Native Tongue, Orco, Global Pantry, and Burlap & Barrel, to help you explore the recipes! 

Where the journey will take us


All over the world! Here is the full list of all the populations we are going to cover, looking at one a month:

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