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Natalie Lane

Graham Garvie

Amrita Dhanji

Such an interesting evening spent with wonderful people, fantastic food and interesting background stories. It's easy to forget where our food comes from and the history behind dishes and what other cultures have been through leading to the development of such dishes. Ragini's stories were insightful, her food was delicious and she really opened our eyes to an area of the world that we aren't all familiar with. Loved the games too, lovely way to get people chatting! Would love to do this again and discover a new area :)

I hosted Third Culture Cooks hoping to have an intellectually inspired culinary experience. I also wanted to support an inspiring friend as she embarks on an entrepreneurial journey. The evening exceeded my expectations on all fronts. The experience was more than intellectual, it was visceral. Ragini's brilliance for cooking and curriculum design are a potent combination. We listened to, read from, debated together, questioned openly, and very much tasted the nuanced courses of a seventy year old conflict: Punjab. Third Culture Cooks expanded my mind, questioned my assumptions, deepened my friendship, and motivated me to think more expansively about how immersive, multi-sensory experiences can shift our perspectives.

I had the privilege of attending 2 events hosted by Ragini; Pakistan/Kashmir and Israel/Palestine It was a journey of the senses - my taste buds exploding and satiated with new flavours, the visual appeal of each dish in its presentation and colours exciting my artistic nature and my olfactory senses tingling with the virgin smells of unknown herbs and spices. But this was not just a gastronomic experience. We were taken on an intellectual and emotional journey too. Every person from each side of the border suffered unimaginable losses and grief. Another brilliant initiative to bring peace and shared understanding in this divided world. A realization that we are intrinsically all the same and deeply connected. Thank you Ragini

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